Sunday, April 26, 2015

Project #16 Part A Group Blog Post

Using technology in the classroom.

This is a picture of an Ipad, a graphing calculator, and a laptop stacked on top of each other. The words "technology in the classroom" are in front of all the technologies listed.
Technology is an important aspect to incorporate into any lesson. Students need to be taught how to effectively use technology. The modern day world has so many uses for technology. As teachers, it is important that we use technology in a way where students will learn how to use it as well. The SMART Board is an important tool to use because this allows the whole class to get information through technology. The SMART Board allows students to either get information from something, like a powerpoint, or through many of the interactive lesson templates. Computers are also important to the students’ technology growth. Computers allow students to independently gather information. This allows students to learn the importance of being independent when working on classwork. Students need to learn how to use all of the latest and newest technology. When using technology, in the classroom, it is important to model safe behavior, so the students will pick up on it and model it themselves. Technology is important to the knowledge development of students. The best thing to do is teach children how to use technology early, so each student is fully prepared for life outside of formal school.

Using a project-based approach to learning in a classroom.

Using a project-based approach to learning in a classroom is a very effective way of engaging students so they learn on a deeper level. While project-based learning is not a new concept, using it to replace traditional lectures may cause some teachers to hesitate. Think about this, if you had to tie a tie for the first time ever how would you learn how to do it? Would you research it, listen to someone explain step-by-step instructions, guess, would you pick up a tie and just go for it, or would you want to utilize all these resources to learn how to tie a tie? Using PBL in the classroom is very similar, you want your students to do the hands on work. Using a project-based approach allows students to be more creative with their work. Also, when they have an audience with whom to share their work, they will work harder and take pride is what they produce. Teachers can both create projects and find existing project-based lessons to cover the necessary state standards. By allowing the students to do the work for themselves, the teacher is free to work more on a one-to-one ratio.  By using a project-based approach teachers can better prepare their students for life beyond school by helping them develop important skills researching, collaboration, problem solving, and creativity.

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