Sunday, April 26, 2015

Blog Post # 5 Part 2

Final Summary of my PLN

this is a picture of the teitter iconBefore I started EDM 310 I had never heard about a PLN, let alone known how useful they are. I had a Twitter account that I never used because I never saw much use for it. Now that I am at the end of EDM 310 boy have my eyes been opened! As I began to explore personal learning networks and how to build my own I was a bit overwhelmed by all the resources available. Now I am very proud of my PLN and I will continue to grow it. I even got my husband to start his own for his career interest. I now use Twitter regularly, I may not "tweet" a lot, but I am constantly looking for more people to add to my PLN. However, I have found I am very selective of who I choose to follow, because I want get the most out of my PLN. Quality over quantity has really been my mindset while expanding my PLN. It is very exciting when a "big shot" twitter person favorites my tweets or follows me.

This is a picture of the Pinterest icon which is a white "P" inside of a red square.
I also created a Pinterest account specifically for teaching resources. I have had personal Pinterest account for a few years so it is significant in size, I decided to start with a blank slate for my teaching one.  I have found so many different blogs, teachers, lesson plan, activities, and projects on Pinterest that it is hard no to Pin them all.  The resources on Pinterest seem to be endless. I would highly recommend including Pinterest as part of your PLN. I look forward to expanding my PLN in the years to come. 

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