Sunday, April 26, 2015

C4T #4 Summary

Summary of Pernille Ripp's Blog Post

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Pernille Ripp wrote a very interesting post about her views and hesitations about using the popular app "Class Dojo". She looked at this from the angle of both a teacher and a parent. She elaborated on three main hesitations she has about the app and explains why she doesn't use it. The first hesitation is because of the "public ranking system" this app uses. She goes on to explains that she believes it is not beneficial to students for their class to see where they 'rank" among other classmates. Second, the time factor. To utilize all the features the app offers requires a lot of time that teacher could instead spend with their students. She also points out that "praise should be given immediately and be sincere, not entered into a computer." Third is the concern of parents knowing everything that happens everyday while their child is at school. The ranking system used by this app may not clearly communicate with parents possibly causing students to receive harsh punishments at home. Students should be able to have breaks from school and a little more independence than their parents checking the Class Dojo every few minutes. She closes her post by noting that there are positives about this app and invites other teachers to give her feedback on how they feel about it. 

My comment:

My name is Paige Inman and I am a student in EDM 310 at the University of South Alabama. I am currently studying to be an elementary education teacher. In my EDM 310 class we are assigned educators blogs that we have to comment on in order to connect with more people in our desired field. I will be posting a summary of your blog post to my class blog no later than April 26th. I invite you to come take a look!

Class Dojo is something I actually just heard about a few weeks ago. A fellow classmate of mine introduced our class to it and highlighted the some of the main features. I am glad I read your post and see another perspective of this app. I find that I agree with some of your hesitations with Class Dojo, mainly with the public ranking system. I believe a ranking system that all students can see could cause more harm to students than good. All students should feel comfortable in their classroom, they should not have to always worry what other will think of their "rank" in the class. Also the time factor would cause some concerns. Teachers may get so caught up with entering information into the app that they lose valuable time with their students. Class Dojo is something I want to revisit in the future when I am a teacher to see if this is something that could be beneficial in my classroom.

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